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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Hero dispatches a worthless coward in a local Burger King."

Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup
An afternoon shootout at a busy Burger King restaurant in Miami left a potential robber dead and the customer who shot him seriously wounded.
The bloody event unfolded about 4 p.m. Tuesday at the restaurant at Northeast 54th Street and Biscayne Boulevard. It was a time, employees said, when it is usually crowded with schoolchildren and people getting out of work early.

The robber entered wearing a ski mask. He approached a clerk, showed his gun and demanded money, said Miami police spokesman Jeff Giordano.

A customer eyed him and the two started arguing. The customer had a concealed-weapons permit and his gun -- and the two exchanged gunfire.

The robber crumpled to the floor and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The customer, with several gunshot wounds, was in serious but stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

Officers divided witnesses into several groups outside the restaurant to gather information about the incident. Employees waiting to start their shift called friends and family members on their cellphones to pass the time because they were not allowed through the police tape.

''I just hope all my people are OK inside,'' said Cynthia Thomas, who has worked at the Burger King for five years. ``It is scary.''


Meet Kay Pettigrew. She turned the theme to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” into a wistful little acoustic indie tune. Mmmm… extra-precious pop nostalgia through a hipster filter. In other words, it’s the theme to “Fresh Prince” as sung by the only child of the Banks’ white neighbors.

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Dr. Doolittle


This is a short film, (about 12 minutes), that I liked. Enjoy...

Kia Soul reinterprets the Hampster Dance

Signs of Spring