Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

Today is the fourth of July… For most of the world, just another day. But it is the day in which we Americans celebrate our independence. There are many dates in our history which stick out, September 11th and December 7th are two that come to mind. For others, it is the Kennedy assassination or when one of the Space shuttles blew up. But for any of those other dates to mean anything we have to start with the first one 233 years ago. On June 11th the Continental Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Rodger Sherman and Phil Livingston to write a document declaring our independence from England. On June 28th they were done. On July 2nd the congress adopted that resolution and declared independence. On July 4th Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The war went from 1775 till 1781… with a treaty two years later. It took another few years until September 17th, 1787 when the congress finally adopted the constitution for the dream of the United States finally became a reality. Many dates have made our country great. Some bring up good recollections, and some bring up painful memories. But all of them are part of who we are as a country. With every event good and bad that has taken place in this nations history, a part of us each one of us is there. But the knowledge that we have learned from the pain and happiness of the past has strengthened us to become the nation that we are today. So today Americans, let's celebrate our independence and our freedom. Thank you

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