Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day!!!

A friend of mine said "I totally understand people's excitement for Opening Day. But, with 162 games, it just doesn't carry the same impact as Week 1 of the NFL season", below is my response to him...

Football is a great sport. But Football is a sprint. Baseball is a marathon, it last from spring into fall. I can watch and be interested in my team for months and months. Johnny M said that every football game is like a ten game winning or losing streak. I like my 10 games to last for 12 days not 3 hours.

Football is for the day trader, who needs his or her "fix" right now, and looks forward, no, they need there "Football High" in another 6 days. Baseball is for the long term investor who is happy with modest gains over the long haul and the playoffs are like retirement, you get to enjoy the fruit of the season with the excitement of the World Series.

When the baseball season starts you have hope. Hope that your team will do well, hope that players will have breakout seasons, and hope that new records will be made and broken. Baseball is America. And together we will rise up and overcome a bad day, tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow is a different starting pitcher!

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